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Holmac are specialists in providing impervious moisture and gas-proof membranes to a wide variety of underground structures in one of New Zealands most geothermally active locations.  


We service both commercial and residential applications and can provide guidance and installation relating to: 

  • Foundations 

  • Underfloor and slab applications 

  • Liftpits 

  • Basements 

  • Retaining Walls  

Our accredited status with industry leading suppliers of tanking systems such as Allco, Allnex, Ardex, Nuralite, Sika, and Viking Roofspec, allows us to access and provide you with industry proven solutions that are covered by a fully comprehensive quality assurance framework and warranty.      


Our services include: 

  • Single ply synthetic membranes such as butynol AND EPDM. 

  • Peel and stick membranes  

  • Torch on bitumen based membranes 

  • Polyolefin Membranes 

  • Liquid applied membranes 


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