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As a leader in the application of protective flooring, Holmac provides solutions that offer our clients flooring systems with lasting performance and durability, tailored specifically to their budget requirements.  


Our expertise covers a wide variety of products from epoxy floor coatings and polyurethanes, through to more robust toppings such as vinyl esters and methyl methacrylates.   


These systems offer a range of finishes which can facilitate all manner of design requirements and environmental conditions.  This can take the form of aesthetically pleasing and decorative coatings for residential applications, through to highly functional industrial and commercial environments where strict hygiene, anti-slip requirements, resistance to mechanical loading, and protection against chemical attack is paramount.  


We only use the best products in our application, and as a result deal primarily with our trusted suppliers at Allnex, Ardex, Degadur and Sika for all applications.  


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