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Holmac prides itself on the broad range of services that we can offer our clients - from tanking and decorative finishes to protective flooring and plastering, we often find ourselves heavily involved throughout the entire construction process.  However, in many instances the underlying concrete substrate that is specified to receive these services will require the correct preparation and repair in and of itself before we can continue.   


We therefore offer our clients a one stop-shop in all aspects of concrete remediation such as crack repairs, blowouts, erosion, honeycombing, pin-holing, and permeability issues using a range of cementitious, epoxy, and polyurethane based products.  This service is extended to encompass a wide range of grouting and anchoring applications where early high strength, shrinkage compensated characteristics are required.  For example, where drossbach tubes are specified as a structural connection between precast panels and insitu-concrete floors. 


We also specialise in the application of a wide range of construction and fire-rated sealants, seismic strips, and baffles to accommodate the vast bulk of structural transitions where a physical barrier is required.   


All products are sourced from industry leaders such as Ardex, Ramset, and Sika, and are installed to project specific solutions to ensure the optimal outcome is achieved.


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